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IV Nutrition Textbook also available.

The authoritative text on IV Nutrition Therapy written by Mitchell J. Ghen, D.O., Ph.D. and Nayan Patel, Pharm.D.

For practical and clinical training in IV Nutrition Therapy and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, look no further. The following courses sponsored by Central Drugs are excellent for:

  • Doctors looking to expand their practice into IV Nutrition or B-HRT
  • Doctors looking to bolster their already existing IV or B-HRT practice
  • Specific protocols that make your patients better
  • Nurses looking to increase their knowledge on IV administration
  • Cases and pearls from decades of experience that make you a master clinician
  • Foundational IV Nutrition Workshop Featuring Mitchell Ghen - $349.00
  • Supplemental IV Nutrition Education: Osmolarity, Vitamin C, Cancer, and The Boutique Practice - $349.00
  • B-HRT Workshop Featuring Paul Savage and Nayan Patel vol. 2 - $299.00
  • Save $50 to $100 when you order more than one of these great programs by Central Drugs

    Foundational IV Nutrition and B-HRT Workshop

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    Foundational IV Nutrition and Supplemental IV Education

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    Foundational IV Nutrition, B-HRT Workshop, and Supplemental IV Education

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