Stem Cell and Cell Therapy Medical Lectures

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  1. Critically Shortened Telomeres Inhibit Stem Cell Proliferation to Promote Human Diseases by Sandy Chang, MD, PhD
  2. Stem Cell Reality Check: The Truth and Myths by Hans Kugler, PhD
  3. The Use of Stem Cells in Topical Preparations: Hope or Hype? by Sharon McQuillan, MD
  4. Clinical Outcomes of Stem Cell Therapy for Myocardial Ischemia and Congestive Heart Failure by Sharon McQuillan, MD
  5. Fetal Cell Therapy: A Short History and Practical Applications by Amita Baxas, MD
  6. New Innovation in Cell Based Peptide by Richard DeAndrea, MD
  7. Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Injection in an Office Setting by Joseph Purita, MD
  8. The Mutual Benefits of Physiology Optimization and Stem Cell Therapy by Sergey A. Dzugan, MD, PhD
  9. Regenerative Techniques for Non-Surgical Joint and Spine Repair: Prolotherapy, PRP, and BMAC by Peter Fields, MD, DC
  10. Small RNA Fragments Support White Blood Cell and Platelet Proliferation: Beljanski's Evidence-Based Approach by John Hall, PhD
  11. Stem Cells and The Future of Regenerative Medicine by Dipnarine Maharaj, MD
  12. The Eye - A Window to Stem Cells, the Cause of Alzheimer's Disease, and Anti-Aging Protocols by Clement Trempe, MD
  13. Stem Cells: The Real Anti-Ageing Hope? by Farid Nassif, MD
  14. Adipose Derived Stem Cells for Myocardial Repair by George C. Shapiro, MD, FACC and Kristin Comella
  15. Stem Cells in Practice: Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells and Multiple Sclerosis by Saud Ahmed Sadiq, MD
  16. Role of Platelet Rich Plasma in Adjuvant Wound Care by Ravi K. Kamepalli, MD, CWS
  17. Stem Cell Viability and Different Anesthetics and the Optimization of G-CFS Use as it Relates to Stem Cell Induction by Alan A. Kadish, NMD
  18. Emerging Trends in Cell Banking by Julie G. Allickson, PhD, MS
  19. The Jordanian Method: Autologous Stem Cells In Treatment of Chronic Diseases by Adeeb Al-Zoubi, PhD
  20. Leukocyte Cd34 as Stem Cell Precursor in Patients with Chronic Degenerative Disease: First Results in Stroke, Parkinson's, and Coronary Diseases by Efrain Olszewer, MD
  21. A Vision for Age Management Medicine and Stem Cell Therapies by Robert Willix, Jr, MD

This session is part of a set that includes the following sessions:

  1. Growth Hormone
  2. Inflammation and Autoimmunity Medical Lectures
  3. Thyroid Hormone Medical Lectures
  4. Sexual Health For Men and Women Medical Lectures
  5. Food Sensitivities and Gut Health Medical Lectures
  6. Medical Weight Loss and Fitness
  7. Testosterone and Male Hormones Medical Lectures
  8. Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Medical Lectures
  9. Non-Toxic Cancer Treatments and Therapies
  10. Cardiovascular Health Medical Lectures
  11. Detoxification and Toxicity Medical Lectures
  12. Brain and Neuro Health Medical Lectures
  13. Estrogen and Female Hormones Medical Lectures
  14. Stem Cell and Cell Therapy Medical Lectures
  15. Nutrition and Supplementation Medical Lectures

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